Zach Bryan Tulsa BOK Shows Raining $$$ All Over Tulsa

Luckily for local and visiting music lovers, Tulsa is developing into one of our countries biggest concert scenes. Many people may be shocked that Tulsa has broke the top ten rankings for American music cites on many charts coming in as low as 8.

As a small time music promoter, this is the perfect city to continue my event skill development training. Unfortunately, Tulsa has a lack of venues for 500 to 1500, which is the range my skill set has gravitated towards. For now, I’ll be kicking down the 50 to 200 range, with a potential 450 venue uptick at the iconic DT Tulsa Vanguard.

Tulsa’s scene has vaulted up to 8 for a few reasons. With the iconic Cain’s at 1800ish, Tulsa Theatre (2000) and BOK (19,000) bringing up the three local bigger venues, there is also the three 2500ish casino venues that hosts all sorts of old school names and modern stars. Those six venues are combined with a zillion dive bars that offer stages of all sorts of genres.

This weekend contained not just one, but two sold out Zach Bryan shows. I have an income attached to a large uptick in entertainment happenings in Tulsa. Last night the amount of extra cash I made was a reminder of an old heater at the poker or BJ table. I’m expecting the same tonight, and I know there is a legion of event workers, bartenders, wait staff, valet, Uber drivers, air-bnb owners, and others who will be making even more bank on what is Tulsa’s busiest night of the week with a typical Saturday.

This type of economical boom is a godsend to these type of earners as Tulsa slows down in the summer. With August comes, more big acts start to perform at BOK and the other venues. A high season kicks in for many during September, when the kids are back in school, TU students are at full force, college football is back, NFL is on Sunday and more higher level performers are willing to come to Tulsa for shows when its not over 100 degrees and pure weather hell all summer.

The word on the street is the BOK Center has new management taking over operations the next few months. Let’s hope this team keeps growing the venue with holding more top names to create a trickle down economy and creative boost that helps lifts those in trenches.

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