Tulsa “The Criminal City” with All Sorts of Bright Spots

I’m going to shift my writings to the city of Tulsa, a mid-size American with a stunning crime rate with all kinds of criminality.

The good news is that Tulsa also holds amazing counterbalances, with a booming art, music and tech scene. Add delicious huge portions of food, high quality low priced weed, light traffic for a city of this size and some really nice people, this is actually a comfortable place to live.

This city is horrible for a recovering addict, in particular a gambling degenerate with large casinos in every direction. While currently sober, the challenge is real, as reminders are everywhere. Other addicts, including meth heads find similar situations due to easy access to their main vice.

Coming from the PNW, both Seattle and Portland, you would think I would be used to shady dark places, but nothing prepared me for what I would run into in Tulsa starting my first week in T-Town in early April of 2021.

For me personally, I’m affected with this criminal state both inside and out of the cannabis industry. My entire time-line is now revolved around dodging scammers in every direction and all sorts of civil and criminal legal dealings. In addition, horrible behavior online is also shot at my direction, from all over the US and internationally, so the daily onslaught can be a little overwhelming.

I will start a series of articles on my experience with criminals and scammers in Tulsa beginning with the introduction to a coke dealer at the Route 66 motel which was home for my first month in Tulsa.

While laying down my experiences with all sorts of dirtbags, I will develop the backstories of my Tulsa doings as things have developed in quick the shocking manner.

Stay tuned for my next post titled, “Acquiring My First Oklahoma Cannabis from a Local Coke Dealer”.

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Rehabbing Fish

Rehabbing Fish is the author of The Opposite Of My Addiction and founder of BlazingAmerica.com, BlazingWashington.com and RehabbingFishMedia.
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