Motely Crue, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard and Regional Mexican Music Continue Tulsa Concert Heater

My last blog post touched on the monetary cause-and-effect of shows at BOK and all over Tulsa. Immediately following the epic Zach Bryan weekend, old school heavy metal and multiple top Mexican bands rolled to perform at BOK.

The metal show was mid-week starting at 5:30 and shook up the Tulsa city flow. More higher earnings and tourism dollars being spread, with the additional of some top legendary metal names gifting a show to their rocker Boomer and Gen X fanbase.

Over the week two different Mexican bands played the BOK, once again changing a Saturday night. Hotels were booked and the bars were hopping after the show.

As we enter the high season as the weather cools down, Ill continue to capture the scene in Tulsa. In September, I’m back to event planning and higher business around Tulsa. I’ll continue to update on happenings in Tulsa, as well as weaving in my own doings in the local market.

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