Bizarre Times in Tulsa, Oklahoma

At the time of this blog relaunch, I find myself living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’ve been in the Sooner State for 2 years 4 months, unfortunately finding myself in a permanent state of disbelief. My business is currently on a maintenance mode overhaul, with a reentry by the end of 2023 planned. I can say the following has taken place since my book launch in 2018:

I held a few more events in Seattle and had a showcase event with highly talented local artists at the Hard Rock Seattle in late March.

A death virus rearranging everybody’s world also set me back years overnight.

I ended up moving to Vancouver, Washington to work out of Portland’s NW Cannabis Club.

The club shut down with yours truly becoming the media source that documented the cruel death of the NW Cannabis Club.

The Northern Oregon market went quiet due to the virus and riots. I relocated to Oklahoma in 2021, chasing the cannabis carrot in my 4th state.

I unintentionally destroyed a stunning 27 team member brand with operatives in over 7 states.

My car engine imploded my 3rd week in Oklahoma.

The dealer loaner car was heavily damaged when I imploded a coyote going 70 MPH on a highway outside of Tulsa.

I was bitten by the second most poisonous spider in the US and my life went straight to hell.

Rage left my apartment and entered into litigation against my corporate landlord and settled the spider bite case in my favor.

I held 8 events in Tulsa over two years in cannabis, music, comedy and Cornhole.

The launching of a newspaper called The Blazing Tulsan was found in over 50 local stores.

I quickly imploded over a long list of issues two days before 420, 2023, cancelling an event and the newspaper.

It’s been 100 days since that implosion and immense personal work has been done and more positive life habits have been integrated.

Alliances have been formed outside cannabis to help support for future success both in and out of cannabis.

A new frame of mind has been constructed, but yet the story is the same.

War is coming in multiple directions and all I can do is prepare in the calm, and use stacked advantages when the time to reveal the masterpiece I’ve been working on all these years.

As you can see, the plot has thickened and the story of how I got to this point is incredibly complex, that I must unravel it over a longer period of time. I can confirm a book will be coming out on what has transpired in Oklahoma, projected to publish in 2024. This book is not a sequel to The Opposite Of My Addiction, but will fill in gaps since that period-of-time.

And while I write this post in late July, the full understandings will start to unravel later in August in the best manner I can present the content. All I can say is buckle up and grab an immense bucket of popcorn. This will not be normal, and the rabbit hole appears to be infinite.

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Rehabbing Fish

Rehabbing Fish is the author of The Opposite Of My Addiction and founder of BlazingAmerica.com, BlazingWashington.com and RehabbingFishMedia.
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