Acquiring My First Oklahoma Cannabis from a Local Coke Dealer

Upon arrival to Tulsa after moving to Oklahoma from Vancouver, Washington, I was fresh out of weed. I decided to take with me a small supply to last 5 days and just hit the process of getting my med card and hopefully find a source until the license was acquired.

I found a dodgy West Tulsa motel that I knew I could blaze in and use as a base to figure my permanent Tulsa accommodations. After dusting off my last roaches it was time to find the weed.

Going out and about I was rejected from a few stores and a sketchy looking guy holding a bong. I than went back to my motel figuring this would be harder than I thought, but than my motel room neighbor rolled up. We started talking and I asked if he could get me any cannabis.

He told me let’s go for a ride, it would be no problem to hook me up. I had no idea he was a professional coke dealer on this trip. We went into Midtown Tulsa pulled up to a store, but it was closed. This was no problem as we went to a barber shop and he went in, coming back out with a $125 ounce. Weed issue solved. I had a new issue, I was now indebted to a hard core gun carrying nut bag Tulsa coke wanna be warlord.

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Rehabbing Fish

Rehabbing Fish is the author of The Opposite Of My Addiction and founder of BlazingAmerica.com, BlazingWashington.com and RehabbingFishMedia.
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