While Sober, My Sobriety Journey Has Been a Struggle

I’m happy to say at the time of this writing I’m sober from my main addiction, but to kick an over 30 year life-altering habit has been a difficult path. As discussed in my memoir, I’m a hardcore gambling addict, who used to be a winning pro poker player. My issue is the blackjack table and have been forced to give up poker to treat the totality of my illness.

Gambling addiction is unlike many other addictions due to a person can get gains while destroying themselves. In 2022 and 2023, I had a huge heater that lasted six months that ended in a completely unnecessary manner. I came out ahead during this time, but I lost my way and my main mission was stalled due to my behavior.

At this time, I’m in treatment with a 12 step program to address gambling. It’s clear which group I’m attending, but wish to keep the name and specifics out of my writings. I’m over 100 days clean at this point and ready to double down on my sobriety efforts. Unfortunately, lesser addictions emerge during these long term gambling sobriety periods and I have to address each addiction one-at-a-time.

I will be using the memoir section to discuss my gambling and secondary addiction recovery. To achieve my objectives in cannabis, music, and other industries that I hold positions within, I must stay sober and evolve as a human to the best of my potential.

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Rehabbing Fish

Rehabbing Fish is the author of The Opposite Of My Addiction and founder of, and RehabbingFishMedia.
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