The Official Long Awaited Relaunch of

In 2018, after I published my memoir in Seattle, I dabbled with a series of blog posts around the book and the start of the Coronavirus period of time. I decided to strip the site and start over leaving the introduction (password = NOW) which is an overview of who I am, my past, and where I’m heading. I let this site sit for a few years, paying hosting and updating the backend when needed. The time to reap back my investment and use a cleanly designed site that gives me control over my own content has arrived.

The site will continue with the mission when first created. A platform to launch a writing blog without the distraction of upkeeping social media pages, hate from the Internet and other drags that come from publishing online. A site that allows me a wide range of topics. In addition, the site will be used to support my brands in the cannabis, music, travel and soon to be Cornhole industry.

I’ll be building content to a quiet audience in August with the goal of at least 20 posts of different topics. In September, the plan is to add YouTube videos to the Rehabbing Fish channel as a supplement which already hosts videos created a few years ago to assist with upcoming campaigns in different sectors.

The next twenty articles will include information about the status of my operations as well as updates on what has happened since the publishing of my 2018 memoir. When entering September, the decision will be made if to continue to post to silence or start marketing campaigns on different identified platforms as well as my own social media.

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Rehabbing Fish

Rehabbing Fish is the author of The Opposite Of My Addiction and founder of, and RehabbingFishMedia.
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