Independent Contractors Who Delay My Business And Content Process Due to Negligence, Misrepresentation, Scamming, And Other Shitbrickness Will Be Doxed

It never ceases to amaze me once I slide the money over and when 100% of my responsibilities are over in a deal and than rouge independent contractors go to the dark side.

Over the years, I’ve seen quite a lot of shenanigans, including being scammed, extorted, threatened and much more nonsense.

As I gained experience, I was able to navigate the jungle a little bit better and avoid repeat mistakes, but a few current issues have my head completely shaking.

In fact, pre-2019, I had zero issues in the local cannabis industry. Over the past 2.5 months, I’ve gone from a near clean slate to a complete meltdown of epic proportions.

Those who know me and do business have learned a few things. I always pay on time and do my part of the deal in an extremely efficient manner. I’m also a top-notch communicator who practices military precision with both tasks and communication. I’m not perfect, and with increasing success my communications and work systems are getting blasted, but I do my best to stay on top of things and I 100% service my deals to an incredibly high standard.

The decision has already been made to dox (expose) many horrific human beings from my past business and life experiences. The focus will be on dirt-dwellers from the poker world and hater trolls from forums from multiple different niches.

As for people directly in the Washington cannabis industry, I will use all methods to remedy a bad situation behind the scenes, until it gets to the point where the belligerent wants me to take it public. Fortunately, I have built up great restraint over time dealing with horrible situations and feel industry-related manners need to be dealt with a delicate touch, patience and if needed mediation.

Hopefully over the next month or so I can do some repairing to fix these local issues, but I can 100% tell you the doxing and the immense war that has been brewing for years from those who have taken from me in other worlds outside of cannabis will be coming to fruition in the very near future.

Go grab some popcorn Internet, you are going to need it.

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Rehabbing Fish

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