Washington Cannabis Event Scene Is Heating Up

As I do my third lap around the Washington cannabis industry grind it’s clear things are evolving. And while there are ebbs and flows, it looks like the industry is going to be on fire from now until most likely the end of the year.

I made the mistake of working through the holidays and not taking a break. This was an epic mistake as burnout has already taken hold, but I’m already past the point of no return. To sit out and watch from the sidelines is not going to happen, thankfully I’ve learned to pace myself even when past the point of exhaustion. Instead of hitting 100% of local known events, I’ll aim for a 50% clip and be happy to fight another day.

Tonight, I went to one of the more enjoyable events of the past two years. The Colored Cannabis Collective and The Queers of Cannabis hit a grand slam with the A Touch of Green event at the Dynasty Room in the International District.

Vendors, rap, pizza, and networking all came together perfectly in a mellow non-consumption event. has resisted attending non-consumption events in the past and this event has opened my eyes. When it comes down to it, the easiness of oil and vape pens make up for the lack of dabbing or flower consumption. Patrons can take a short walk to fill their needs and everybody is happy.

While consumption will be a big part of the majority of BlazingWashington events, more thought will be giving into the capability of expanding event locations by focusing on what is most important, a place for like-minded people to come together to network and share time with good friends.

Keep your eye on the business section of for event updates.  Both visiting and holding events has become a cornerstone of BlazingWashingon’s development and it appears the list of upcoming events is going to beyond epic. Year three of my cannabis industry penetration may be one to truly remember.

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